Conference Call: Lashley Talks Matt Sydal, El Patron’s Suspension & More

Former World Heavyweight Champion Lashley participated in a conference call on Tuesday to promote Thursday’s live Destination X special. Below are highlights:

On facing Matt Sydal at Destination X:

It’s a different matchup for me than I’m used to, with him being so small, but his being a high-flyer is going to be exciting for people. I just had an opportunity to go to Toronto this past weekend and get in the ring with one of the guys that mimics Matt Sydal – a guy by the name of ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey. It’s almost the same style that I had to wrestle so I got my little extra practice in to get ready for Matt Sydal. I’m gonna go out there looking to murder him and he’s gonna try and stay away from me and get something over on me.

On Alberto El Patron’s suspension:

If we go out there and do something we have to hold ourselves accountable for the things that we do. The company has to do what they have to do. It’s an unfortunate situation. I don’t know all of the details because I try to stay out of that. My business and my contract says for me to be a performer and do that part, not to do any of the backstage or office stuff. The one thing I do know is, who needs the title? That’s me. Give me my title back. I could care less what’s going on with him. I’m just here to compete and now there’s an open title. That’s what I’m focussed on.

On preparing for a wrestling match versus a fight:

It’s mostly just with sparring. Going into a taping, we’ll ramp down my sparring because I don’t want to spar heavy going into a set of tapings. Then it’s the same thing for when I get back from a taping, we’ll start slow with sparring because I know after being on the road and taping for Impact, it’s going to be hard to go right back in and spar right away. But my strength and conditioning and all my other training stays the same. It’s just my sparring.

On concussions:

I’ve had no documented concussions. I try to take care of myself as much as possible. One thing you have to take into consideration is that it’s professional wrestling and you know it going in. There’s dangers to every profession and our particular profession, concussions is one thing. I can go and fight, take one punch and have a concussion and start having issues with it or I can wrestle my entire career and never have a concussion. It’s just a hazard of the business.


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